Every detail of the Franklin Keg system has been developed based on observation and listening to customer feedback. We, along with hundreds of our customers, have tested and perfected the Franklin Keg family in practice.

Innovations from our own R&D lab are the foundation of the Franklin Keg system. The patented Bag-in-Ball principle is based on a specially developed laminated inner bag inside a high-tech PET container. This two-compartment system safeguards the quality and shelf life of the beverages in Franklin Kegs. Our kegs give beverages optimal protection from exposure to oxygen, and they are also never exposed to the propellant gas, which greatly extends their shelf life.


Franklin Kegs meet the strictest safety requirements. The kegs are tested in-line during manufacturing. The Double Wall technology in the Slimline series ensures maximum safety during shipping, transport and dispensing. Franklin Kegs also have a specially designed safety valve op the coupler. These features, plus the clear directions on the packaging and on-line instruction videos, mean that everyone can work safely with the Franklin Keg system.


The ergonomic grip on the new Slimline series is a technological marvel that allows for optimum handling, stacking and palletizing.Its octagonal shape even means that the Kegs are less liable to roll, thus reducing the likelihood of damage.