Wines by the Glass

  • Largest % of wine sold by licensee’s is by the glass (BTG).
  • Often accounts for 80% of sales at a licensee
  • Wine on Tap is a new concept but growing in popularity in the US and throughout the world
  • Wine in kegs to date has been limited to stainless steel which are expensive to buy and replace, require deposits & need to be returned for cleaning & filling


Wine on Tap

Wine on Tap is a new concept but growing in popularity in the US and throughout the world.


  • Cost Savings
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Product Quality
  • Efficient service


  • One 20 L FRANKLIN KEG replaces 27 bottles of wine
  • Cost Savings
  • Environment Friendly
  • Best Quality & Efficient Services
  • Lightweight – only 1.05 kg empty
  • Double Wall™ technology (Strength by Separation)
  • Resistant to higher pressures
  • Recyclable
  • Very stable, stacks easily
  • Ideal shape for end users
  • Fitting works with the universal Keg coupler
  • Laminated inner bag creates a superior barrier
  • Clear instructions and safety warnings on side of keg
  • Fits any dispensing installation
  • Very environmentally friendly

FRANKLIN KEGS- A Revolutionary Technology

One 20L FRANKLIN KEG replaces 27 bottles of wine, Cost Savings & Environment Friendly

Customer Advantages

  • No deposits, bottles, corks, boxes
  • FRANKLIN KEGS are much lighter than steel kegs or cases of bottles
  • Franklin Keg doesn’t waste a drop. The first and last glass tastes the same and is served at the perfect temperature
  • Minimum shelf life of one year or more depending on the quality of the wine. Ensures consistent quality.
  • FRANKLIN KEG dispenses better, since the wine and propellant are separated
  • Safe to use
  • Saves a great deal of storage space
  • Profitable
  • Lower labor costs
  • Speed of service


  • Dispensing with air
  • Since the beverage in a FRANKLIN KEGS does not come into contact with the propellant, Kegs can be dispensed using a simple air compressor. That saves money and emits less CO2. It is also much safer. Many bars, hotels and restaurants have already opted for using air – a unique sales argument.
  • Many equipment options available to fit each customers needs or it can easily hook up to existing systems

FRANKLIN KEGS – Design & Features

The Franklin Keg’s distinguishing feature is the ‘Bladder-in-keg’ principle: the wine is in an inner bladder inside a sturdy PET pressure container. This inner bladder is the only thing that ever comes into contact with the wine

The laminated aluminium inner bag ensures that there is no contact between beverage and propellant. Manufactured in a sterile room, the inner bag creates a superior barrier, and meets the strict European and American food-safety standards. It has no influence on taste.

The Keg fitting is specially adapted for the FRANKLIN KEG two-compartment system, equipped with an overpressure valve. With the Keg coupler, a FRANKLIN KEG fits any existing tapping system. Every Keg coupler has an pressure relief valve to prevent unintentional excess pressure inside the Keg.

FRANKLIN KEGS are resistant to high pressures, and tests show that a full Keg can easily withstand being dropped a meter and a half. The strong yet lightweight packaging makes FRANKLIN KEGS easy to handle and transport. The Double Wall ™ technology in the cylindrical Keg makes it resistant to even higher pressures as well as to damage from outside.


The ergonomic grip on the new Slimline series is a technological marvel that allows for optimum handling, stacking and palletizing. Its octagonal shape even means that the Kegs are less liable to roll, thus reducing the likelihood of damage

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