Reduced emissions

As much as possible, the Franklin Keg system takes into account the environment in which we and our customers live. The lightweight Franklin Kegs are recyclable. All the raw materials can be separated in just a few steps and used to make new Franklin Kegs. Important parts of Fraklin Kegs are already being made from 100% recycled plastic. We’re working on a world-wide closed cradle-to-cradle process in which the empty Franklin Kegs are the raw material for our new disposable kegs.

The advantages for the environment go even further. The compact design means that Franklin Kegs have a 25-30% higher loading capacity than steel kegs. Fewer shipments are required, and empty kegs do not need to be returned. All in all, the savings on transport can run to 65%. This also lowers your CO2 emissions, and the option of dispensing using compressed air reduces CO2 emissions even more. Also you don’t need harsh chemicals for intensive cleaning, as you do with steel kegs. The Franklin Keg system is completely in line with many companies’ sustainability objectives, but at a lower cost and without compromising product quality.